You may or may not have noticed that I changed my layout. I want to let you know this one is temporary & I'll be changing the layout after I find images to make a header for another code XDD But Jong Hyun is cute right?? ^___________________^ I <3 him~~~

Aw, Child Care really is the best ^^ Button Boy has claimed me as his best friend & dragged me by the hand today to sit beside him. He told me yesterday he's going to be an Evil Worm at McDonald's for Halloween. I know, that doesn't make a lick of sense XD We made 'Go Away Big Green Monster' t-shirts on Wednesday & we had to wear them today ^^ The children absolutely loved it! (I'll take a picture of my shirt for my next entry ^^)

Art: Finished that movie & turned in my Art Criticism Paper about the movie.

Economics: Had a test yesterday that I BOMBED. We got them back today. Utter EPIC FAILURE.

IMP: We started Ghost Busters on Wednesday & we're finishing it tomorrow.

English: Watched some crap video, Kayla Nash is 'The Don' AKA, 'The Docta'. She sits behind Matt & smacked Matt on the cheek & asked if he felt that, then told him that was the smack of reality =DD Today we talked about Epics & had a test over the words ^^

Party at Jasmine's tomorrow, & I saw Shelby this morning & she asked me to got too XDD Speaking of this morning I saw my son. I wiped my hand on his arm & informed he that he now had herpes. He said "Great! Let's go rock climbing now! People with herpes have all the fun!" XD I started laughing. Then he gave me gum WHOO!


KAT-TUN: I'm supposed to be getting the White X'mas CD. We shall see! Also, KAT-TUN didn't make an appearance in the ranking for band with the closest relationship. Sucks for them & their non-relationships XDD Jin's recent Niki was translated & he talked about Halloween which totally contradicts this youtube guy's Japan blog about Japan & Halloween. He claims it's not very popular & they don't do trick or treating, but Jin was talking about getting himself a costume & the other people who would be going to parties. (Unless I have misread it, then please correct me O_O) I think it's the influence from staying in L.A. for 6 months. He saw a bunch of Bunny Sluts! T^T *Clings to Jin*

NEWS: Got ranked #9 in the ranking for band with the closest relationship. I think it was Koyama's member ai that prevailed! *hope* Also, they're looking really great in their concert stuff *___________________*

Kim Jung Hoon: Why is there nothing new on this gorgeous man?? T^T

BIG BANG: Japan is taking to them so well ^____________^ Cho cute~~ Did you know that Taesung is the only member of BB that speaks Japanese? He is, so there a little FF (Fun Fact) for you ^^

SHINee: I don't know which is funnier, Key, Jong Hyun & Onew singing 'Noona is So Pretty' & dancing their dance to the song, or Key & Onew singing 'So Hot' by Wonder Girls & doing pawing motions near their face XDD Jong Hyun is my favorite SHINee member, with the cute Taemin coming in second. AW, want Taemin as my little brother >.<

I downloaded Jyongri's most recent cover album. I don't like it. (I just finished my Nutella half sandwich! ^^)

I'm off to reply to comments & entries ^^ Hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm! It's freezing out T^T *Teeth chatter*

<3~~ Rae

P.s. T^T I'm sooo sleepy. I can't drink a lot of milk still. I'm violating my Milk Probation law & having small amounts XD *shot*



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